How Popular is Ionic Framework in Hybrid App Development?

The Ionic framework is among the most popular platforms for the development of hybrid apps. This platform has features superior to other web technologies e.g. CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and AngularJS thus allows for the development of mobile apps with superior functions, features, and delivers an excellent user experience.
The use of ionic framework for the development of hybrid apps is best illustrated through real and practical examples. Below are some:

i. Pacifica App

This is a hybrid app used for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Through the capability of trackers, the app helps users overcome any negative mental status gradually. To app also allows users to interact with groups and communities.

ii. TD Stock Trading App

This app, redesigned through ionic framework allows users to trade in stocks, funds shares with the capability for users to track their portfolio.

iii. Sworkit fitness App

The app has over 160 visual yoga demonstrations that can be performed without any equipment. The app is available through the Play Store and App Store with over 25 million downloads.

iv. MarketWatch App

This app provides stock market and business news to users. It allows users to access stock market quotes, business news, financial advice, etc at any time.

v. ChefSteps App

ChefSteps provides users with cooking tutorial and recipes for both iOS and Android users. The tool uses HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

vi. Nationwide App

This insurance and financial services app is one of the most popular and it allows users to contact their agent, acquire policy quotes, pay bills, and make claims.

vii. JustWatch App

A search engine for video streaming, this app is built with ionic framework currently hosts Netflix, XBOX, Hulu, Mubi, and iTunes.

viii. Untappd App

This app allows users to discover craft bars and beers near them, check trending beers, and what their friends are drinking. It also allows beer lovers to share reviews create a wish list for beers, etc.

ix. National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC)

This app helps orient users to the museum before they visit. Through the app, users are also able to know the museum operation hours, directions, gift shop, and any other information related to the museum.

x. Cryptochange App

This app tracks the top 100 cryptocurrencies and shares the history of each currency. Users are able to buy cryptocurrency and keep track of its volatility on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

Do you need your app to be built using the ionic framework?

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