Which is The Best Option for Cross-Platform App Development?

The app development industry is highly dynamic as evidenced by the high volatility in technology advancement. The driving force has been to develop productive, robust, and cost-effective apps.

Native apps allow for the development of highly productive and engaging apps, but its mostly based on the resources required. Native React provides a platform that is simple to use and cost-effective.

What features distinguish Xamarin?

It is open and free to use tool that uses C# and it’s compatible with multiple platforms. It is owned by Microsoft and it has been used by renowned names. Xamarin provides an edge in native app development and helps to overcome limitations associated with hybrid apps.

React Native, what sets it out?

Introduced by Facebook, React Native stands out through the capability of using JavaScript in app development. React Native offer developers the ability to develop mobile apps without a painstaking training course.

So, between Xamarin and React Native, which is the choice?

From the onset, it is important to note that each of these tools has the distinct features that make them outstanding in their own respect. This, therefore, means that it’s important to know the specific attributes of each platform and how it works, so as to make the best choice. Here is a highlight of the key things to know.

i. Environment for app development

Xamarin stands out for it provides flexibility allowing a developer to write an iPhone code on windows then compile it on Mac. React Native, on the other hand, doesn’t offer such capability and even though it is possible through the use of Expo, its power cannot be compared to Xamarin.

ii. Use of existing skills

For a team made up of experienced web developers, React Native is the best choice for it is a JavaScript framework which comes in handy for web developers with experience in using JavaScript.

iii. Ease in recompiling and testing

Essentially, React Native is simply JavaScript thus, it is relaxing to use in mobile app development and saves time. The choice is yours; know what you are up to first Both Xamarin and React Native are great tools in the development of hybrid apps. To determine which tool will be best for your project, first understand the project, the factors prevailing, and the final product, then makes the right choice accordingly.


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