Progressive Web Apps vs. Native Apps – Tailoring Your Business’s Mobile Strategy

Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps

Whether you want to build an eCommerce app or a simple desktop app, your target audience demands an easy-to-use and responsive application that aligns with your business needs.

Building a mobile or web app is more than just development & deployment!

Choosing the right type of app is important to the success of your business!

When it comes to app development, businesses have two options, Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps.

Before understanding progressive web apps vs. Native apps, let’s discuss them in detail!

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web apps, pioneered by Google, combine the strengths of native web and mobile technologies. This underscores the importance for businesses to prioritize reaching customers through mobile apps. 

Developed using familiar web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, PWAs rival native apps by delivering comparable end-user experiences. They offer features such as push notifications, offline functionality, and responsive design, ensuring seamless performance regardless of internet connectivity. 

Whether or not you have a native app, progressive web app development enables reaching mobile users efficiently, even under challenging network conditions.

What are the Key Features and Benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

Key Features and Benefits of Progressive Web Apps

Here is the list of the salient features and benefits of progressive web app development

Offline Functionality

One of the most notable advantages of PWAs is their capability to function offline or in areas with poor internet connectivity. By utilizing caching, PWAs store data, enabling swift loading and basic functionality even without an internet connection. This feature proves invaluable for users in regions with limited connectivity or those seeking access to content on the move without reliance on stable internet access.

Highly Customizable

Moreover, PWAs offer high levels of customization, leveraging web technologies to empower developers with extensive coding and customization options. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the app precisely to their needs, ensuring optimal alignment with company objectives.

Fast Loading Speeds

PWAs are renowned for their fast-loading speeds, optimized to deliver swift and efficient performance even on slower networks. Leveraging service workers for pre-caching content and data, PWAs minimize loading times, guaranteeing users prompt access to essential content without enduring sluggish loading periods.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Unlike native apps, progressive web app development boasts compatibility across multiple platforms and devices. This singular application can effortlessly operate across various devices and platforms, eliminating the need for separate developments. This unified approach not only slashes development costs but also streamlines app maintenance, offering developers a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Improved Security

PWAs prioritize security, utilizing HTTPS connections to safeguard user data and transactions. Employing cutting-edge encryption techniques, they fortify data protection, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring a secure user experience.

Native Apps: Overview

Native applications are precisely crafted software solutions engineered for dedicated platforms or devices, such as Android or iOS. Accessible through platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, they are tailored to exploit the unique features of each platform. Native iOS apps are typically coded in Swift or Objective-C, while native Android apps are written in Java. 

These apps maximize device capabilities, leveraging features like a camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass, and contact list. Upon download, native apps appear as icons on the home screen of mobile devices, providing easy access to users.

The Incredible Advantages of Native Apps

 Incredible Advantages of Native Apps

Let us explore the list of benefits of native app development.


Native apps typically exhibit faster loading speeds and superior performance compared to Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). Additionally, their efficient loading contributes to reduced battery consumption, providing a smoother and more energy-efficient user experience compared to PWAs.


Users often feel more confident when using native apps due to the rigorous standards imposed by platforms like the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. These standards ensure that native apps meet specific criteria for security, functionality, and quality before being made available to users. In contrast, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), accessed solely through URLs, may not undergo the same level of scrutiny, potentially leading to user concerns regarding reliability and security.

Offline Functionality

Native app development offers the advantage of offline functionality, allowing them to operate seamlessly even without an internet connection. This feature is especially beneficial for applications requiring real-time data or for use in areas with limited or no connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted usability and access to essential features regardless of internet availability.


Native apps excel in personalizing the user experience by leveraging the device’s features and data, including location, preferences, and usage patterns. By harnessing this information, native apps can deliver tailored content and recommendations, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Push Notifications

Native apps can utilize push notifications, enabling them to send real-time alerts and messages to users, even when the app is not actively in use. This feature enhances user engagement by providing timely updates and notifications, ensuring that users stay informed and connected with the app’s content and updates.

Progressive web apps vs Native apps: Which is better in 2024?

Let’s take a look at the comparison table between progressive web apps vs. Native apps based on the following parameters. 

Parameters  Progressive Web Apps Native Apps
Development Cost Cost-effective due to single codebase and web technologies. Typically, higher due to separate development for each platform.
Performance Slightly slower due to reliance on browser capabilities. Faster due to direct access to device features and optimised code.
Installation Accessed through URLs, no installation required. It needs to be downloaded and installed from app stores.
User Experience May lack some native feel, but improving with advances in web technology. Offers seamless and immersive experience tailored to each platform.
Access to Features Limited access to device features like cameras, sensors, and push notifications. Full access to device features, allowing richer functionality.
Offline Functionality Limited offline capabilities, but improving with service workers and caching. Better offline support with local data storage and synchronisation.
Updates Easily updated without user intervention. Requires the user to download and install updates manually.
Accessibility Often built with web accessibility standards, improving accessibility. Accessibility depends on individual app development practices.
Security Vulnerable to certain web-based attacks if not properly secured. Typically, more secure due to app store guidelines and native platform security features.


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! 

Ultimately, the decision between progressive web apps vs. Native apps for your eCommerce business hinges on your specific needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a tailored approach that considers factors such as performance, user experience, development costs, and target audience preferences. 

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