Why Progressive Web Apps are Important for Business Growth?

In today’s digital world, people greatly trust websites and applications to stay connected with the outside world and get their everyday tasks done. With the help of an app or a website, businesses nowadays strive to stay on top by providing the best solutions to their consumers. When we talk about apps and business, we can’t forget to mention PWAs. PWA stands for Progressive Web Application. As the name suggests these apps are highly progressive, which means that they perform far more superiorly than usual web applications. In this blog, we will try to understand why progressive web apps are important for a business’s growth.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive web applications are a form of web application designed and built to be reliable for businesses. PWAs are feature-rich and have more advanced capabilities than usual web apps or mobile apps. These types of advanced web applications work fast and can be operated offline as well. PWAs take advantage of the latest tech to provide a world-class experience to the users.

Advantages of Progressive Web Application

Other than being surprisingly fast, Progressive web applications have a number of benefits that are important for you to know. If you are planning to get a PWA built for your project, these advantages of PWA will help your business grow immensely.

Can Function Offline

One of the most notable features of Progressive web applications is that they can be used offline. Progressive web applications are network independent in nature which means they don’t rely on a steady network or a network at all to function. This is a remarkable advantage that doesn’t let a bad network obstruct an individual’s work.

Can Be Installed

Unlike the usual web applications, PWAs can be installed on your device. This helps the users access the app with just a tap on their smartphone. This creates a smooth experience for the users. Although PWAs don’t require to be installed in the phone to be used, this feature gives a native-like feel to the application.


HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are technologies commonly used to build Progressive web apps. This makes PWA a more cost-effective option than a native mobile application. Building native mobile applications takes a lot of time and resources, whereas PWA development can be done much faster without spending a lot.

More Responsive

PWAs are without a doubt more responsive than traditional web applications. A responsive design is crucial for an application to connect with the brand. A responsive design ensures a better user experience for your consumers. An application can’t help your business grow if it’s not designed to be responsive.

They are Safer

Another reason why Progressive web applications are picked over traditional web apps is due to the safety PWA Offers. PWAs can keep your data and information safe seamlessly with HTTPS. Service workers can help protect against certain types of attacks and vulnerabilities.

Lower Data Usage

PWAs often use less data compared to traditional websites or native apps, thanks to caching and efficient resource management. This can be beneficial for users with limited data plans.

Low Maintenance Cost

Another important reason for getting a PWA built is the low maintenance cost. Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) are designed with the goal of minimising maintenance efforts while delivering a high-quality user experience. Developers can work with a single codebase and update the app in real-time without requiring users to download and install updates.

Whose PWAs are for?

E-Commerce and Retail

PWAs can be utilised by online retailers to provide a fast, responsive, and engaging shopping experience to customers, increasing conversion rates and customer retention. eCommerce is a widely popular industry with millions of online stores. Progressive web apps have proven to be effective in the eCommerce field due to their over-the-top features.

Publishers and Content Providers

PWAs can be used by news websites, blogs, and other content-driven platforms to deliver their content in a user-friendly and offline-accessible manner.

Gaming Industry

Game developers can create interactive and immersive gaming experiences through PWAs, making games accessible across various devices without the need for users to install a dedicated app.

Service Industry

Businesses in service-oriented sectors (such as food delivery, transportation, and hospitality) can utilize PWAs to offer users a convenient way to access and use their services without requiring them to install separate apps.

Education and E-Learning

Educational platforms can use PWAs to offer students access to course materials, quizzes, and interactive learning content across different devices.

Healthcare and Wellness

Healthcare providers and wellness apps can use PWAs to offer users tools for tracking their health, scheduling appointments, and accessing medical resources.

Overall, PWAs are designed to provide a responsive, reliable, and engaging experience for users across a wide range of industries and use cases. They aim to combine the best of both web and app experiences, making them a versatile choice for businesses and developers looking to reach and engage their target audience.

Get a Progressive Web App Built

If you are planning to grow your business and turn it into something really big, get a progressive web application developed. Hire PWA developers from the best web application development agency in London, UK. If you haven’t found a Progressive Web App development agency yet, Mobile App Experts will be the best option for you. As a certified PWA development agency, Mobile App Experts strives to build feature-rich PWAs using the most advanced app development strategies.


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