How To Get an Educational App Built? Process & Cost

Education is one of the most profitable and popular niches in the business world. Most importantly because it helps in shaping the future of the learner. Besides being an asset for students, educational apps are a great way for educational institutes to connect with their students. If you have an educational institute or if you are planning to open an educational institute, investing in a mobile application will benefit you and your potential students immensely. Let’s dive deep into educational mobile applications and the process and cost of building them.

Features of an Educational Mobile App

User-Friendly Interface

Creating an intuitive interface that facilitates easy navigation for students, teachers, and administrators. Having a smooth and easy-to-use interface is one of the most important aspects of educational applications. Without a great interface, learners won’t be able to have a good learning experience through the app.

Interactive Learning Modules

Learning gets ten times better when it’s done in an interesting way. Incorporating engaging content such as quizzes, games, or interactive lessons are crucial to enhance the learning experience. These interactive learning modules are a must-have for any educational app.

Personalized Learning Paths

Offering customizable learning paths tailored to individual student needs and learning styles is important to connect with the learners. This feature of educational mobile applications creates a unique learning environment for the student.

Progress Tracking & Analytics

Tools to monitor student progress and performance are one of the best features of educational apps. Through accurate tracking and analysis of a student’s performance, learning becomes more fruitful than ever.

Communication & Collaboration

Facilitating seamless communication between students, teachers, and parents through messaging, discussion forums, or video conferencing features.

Content Accessibility

Education apps give students and learners easy access to a wide range of learning tools, like e-books, videos, and lots of study materials. They open up a huge world of knowledge that’s always available, no matter where or when you are.

Security & Privacy Measures

The safety of student data is any institute’s top most priority. Educational mobile applications are safe and offer a learning platform that is secured against breaches.

Process of Developing an Education App

Getting an education app developed for your institute can be a great step forward for you and your students because of the aforementioned features. But before you invest in your app idea, it is crucial for you to be familiar with the process of developing an education app. Once you hire mobile app developers or a mobile app development company for your project, you will go through the following process.


In the first step of your education app’s development process, you will be required to sit down with the team of app developers and share your idea with them. By sharing your idea with them, you will be able to lay down your expectations from the development team.


Once you have shared your idea with the app developers, it is time for the development team to research to make your idea even better. Any good mobile app development agency will carry out its own market research to try to enhance your idea for better results. Of course, the developers will still build the mobile app according to your needs, however they will share their valuable inputs as well to help your business grow.


Once the research is done, your application’s design phase will begin. During the design phase of your app, the design team will create a smooth and interactive user interface. This design will be further implemented by the development team during the back-end development stage.

Prototype Approval

Once the design is completed, the app development team will share the prototype with you for review. During this stage, you will have the opportunity to share your opinion with the development team to get the best out of your app project.


Once you have approved the prototype, the app development team will commence your mobile app’s back-end development phase. In this stage, the developers implement the design and utilize it in the technical development of the application.


Once the team is done with the development of your app, a team of Quality Assurance engineers from the app development agency will test your application. This phase ensures that the application is ready to be launched and doesn’t have any flaws.


Once the app is tested, the mobile app development company will launch it across the platform of your choice. You can either go for an iOS mobile app or an Android app. Besides these, you can also go for Native or cross-platform app development which will give your app the chance of being launched for iOS and Android both.

Cost of Education App Development

In the UK, several factors influence the cost of developing an educational app. Firstly, the complexity and scope of features significantly impact expenses. Apps with basic functionalities might incur lower costs, while those integrating advanced features such as personalised learning paths, interactive modules, or real-time analytics could raise the development expenses substantially. The choice of platform, whether it’s iOS, Android, or both, also affects costs, as creating and maintaining apps across multiple platforms typically incurs higher expenses.

Additionally, the quality of design and user interface plays a vital role—custom designs, animations, and intuitive interfaces contribute to higher development costs. Moreover, the development team’s expertise and location within the UK can influence pricing. If you are planning to get an app built, it is better to get a project quote from a credible app development agency in UK. Mobile App Experts is one of the finest app development agencies in UK with a remarkable track record. Reach out to our app development team and get a quote for your app development project.


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